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Stroll In Mission

The mission of Stroll In is to make the life of families with kids more accessible, be it:

  • Saving time researching a destination or looking for a place to go “here and now”, that will meet expectations;

  • Saving money by avoiding going to places that are not family/children friendly;

  • Saving mental energy managing unhappy, tired children.

Why Stroll In

Being a parent is full of highs and lows. Lows can be anything from feeling lonely and exhausted to being overwhelmed and stressed by going out to the city or travelling. That is why I have created this unique one-stop information source for parents.


Stroll In makes families thrive through connections. It connects families and family-friendly businesses with MOBILE APP.


It also connects like-minded families and allows parents to build a village of attachment, like the section PLAYDATE.


You can check some useful information in the BLOG section, like a review of child-friendly venues or finding places to visit in Stockholm with kids without breaking the bank.

Souline from StrollIN seats in a beautiful spot in Sodermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

My "business partner" and the Stroll In mascot - Souline will help you on the way.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram! 

About Me and the Purpose of Stroll In

As a parent of 4 years old, I have experienced inconveniences one might have when moving with children around the city or travelling first-hand (although I probably live in the most child-friendly country - Sweden). Inconveniences that are both tangible - like no high chairs or kids menu and intangible - unfriendly personnel, and uncomfortable stares when the child is overwhelmed and having a meltdown. I am extremely motivated to build one of a kind platform enabling families to live their best lives and break the limits society lays on the parents and their children.


Not having a stroller or changing table might disappoint and exhaust a parent (the only upside to this might be developing your creative side and stamina). It could be manageable if you are in your hometown and know your whereabouts, but what if you are visiting a new city, country or continent? That might bring unnecessary stress and lead to mental exhaustion.


Stroller access, baby chair, kids menu, changing tables, working elevators, entertainment for kids, safety, the general attitude in society towards families with kids (are kids - full members of society or should they be "seen but not heard") - these and many other factors might need to be considered when travelling abroad with a child. As a result, sometimes this prevents young parents from travelling at all. 


With Stroll In, I want to help you clear up some uncertainties and make it easier for you to travel, be it in your hometown or abroad. 

The Toy Museum
The Performance art museum
Personal insipration
Inspirational quote about family travel
High chair at The Performance art museum
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