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Best Indoor Playgrounds in Stockholm (pt. 2: Paid Venues)

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

It is getting cold in Stockholm.

Although the famous expression in Sweden says: det finns inget dåligt väder bara dåliga kläder (there is no bad weather only bad clothing), it is still lovely to spend time somewhere warm and dry 🥶.

In this blog (which will consist of 2 parts) I gathered information about the best free (part 1) and paid (part 2) indoor playgrounds one can find in Stockholm.

Paid Indoor Playgrounds in Stockholm

The second part is about paid venues with indoor playgrounds because it is good to have some options!

I did take the liberty in preparation for this blog to ask the below-mentioned venues if they would be willing to provide some kind of discount or promo code. Unfortunately, none are available to date, my dear reader. But I will let you know if this changes.

There are only a couple of categories I want to include here: Museums and Entertainment Centers:


Dance Museum (Temporary Exhibition)

From 11.02.2023 until 1.10.2023

Dance Museum is located in the heart of Stockholm, on Drottninggatan. Founded by Rolf de Mare, the museum has, among other things, the world's second-largest collection of stage costumes from the Russian Ballet 🩰, an extensive collection by Isadora Duncan, and a variety of objects from all corners of the world.

On 11.02 the museum opened a new temporary exhibition "en TUFF TUFF resa": In a playful way, the exhibition tells about life on tour and behind the scenes a hundred years ago. How happy were the happy 1920s? What was everyday life like for dancers on tour? Welcome to a world where the big has become small and the small has become big! (



Junibacken is like one big playground in itself. It is located in the city centre, in Djurgården, the museum island.

This museum is dedicated to children and their families👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, therefore children of all ages are welcome there (although, the best age would probably be between 2-12, let me know in the comments below if you think otherwise).

Junibacken explores the worlds created by Swedish children's literature📚. It is interactive and offers lots of opportunities to play🧸, dress up🎭 and discover the world of your favourite children's books characters.

Read more about this space in Stroll In Review.


Technical Museum


Tekniska Museet (or Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology) is located in the Museum Park and is Sweden’s largest museum of technology. It is so very interactive, that naturally, it has to be part of this list of Indoor Playgrounds in Stockholm, as it is a playground in itself (apart, of course, from the Museum part of it, where objects are out of reach and are there to be "touched with the eyes" only 👀).

There are several themed areas that are suitable for play (construction for kids, computer games, mind games, etc), but I wanted to highlight the huge play area shown in the photo above. Although crowded most of the time, this is a great playroom to run, climb, and explore your own body limits🤸‍♀️.


Police Museum

Police Museum is also located in the Museum Parken, in the same building as the National Sports Museum 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️.

There is a great play area on the ground floor - "Police, police". This playground is for children of 3-12 years old (whereas the rest of the museum is most appropriate for 12 years and up). Here little visitors can play and learn about the police work as well as try out a real police car and a motorcycle. There is also one fun digital activity on the first floor, where the visitors can try on different police uniforms, otherwise, I would say that the rest of the museum exposition is not child-friendly.

Read more about this space in Stroll In Review.


Toy Museum

Stockholm Toy Museum is located on Skeppsholmen Island, near the Modern Museum and The Museum of Far-Eastern Antiquities.

In this Museum visitors can discover toys from as early as the 17th century, sorted by themes (for example dolls 🎎, cars 🚗, theatre 🎭, etc). Unfortunately, not all toys are possible to touch or play with, but there are plenty of activities and interactive games on the way, like horse riding 🐎 or role-playing in Bamse's kitchen or Skalman's boat 🚤.

This museum is suitable for children from 1 year old.

Read more about this space in Stroll In Review.


Nobel Prize Museum

Photo: Lena Koller. SOURCE:

Nobel Prize Museum is a museum about the Nobel Prize and Nobel laureates, located in the Stock Exchange building in Gamla Stan.

The museum itself is not very interactive, however, it has a specially dedicated area for young visitors (5-13 years old) - "The Bubble Chamber".

This playroom encourages young visitors to learn about the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Laureates. Visitors can play pretend and dress up for the Nobel Prize Award. There is also a small cosy library 📚 and a puppet house 🧸. The museum offers a quiz challenge for kids (5-13 yo)🕵️‍♀️. A small prize waits in the end for those who find all the answers correctly 🏆.


Nordiska Museet


Nordiska Museet is located in Djurgården, the museum island. This museum is Sweden's largest cultural history museum. It has approximately 1,5 mln objects starting from the 18th century. This museum is a must-visit and it has fun activities for kids as well (that have to be booked in advance).

The Museum has two activities rooms for kids:

The Playhouse (Lekstuga) - is a big playroom where kids can discover in a playful manner the daily lives of people at the end of the 19th century. It is open only on the weekends and during school breaks and is welcoming to children (and their parents) from 5 yo (although children as young as 2 could certainly enjoy the activities there as well). The play sessions last 45 minutes and there are only 20 kids who can play at once. This activity is not free and it is best to prebook the time well in advance.

Another activity for older children (from 8 yo) is the Time Vault (Tidsvalvet) - an amazing 1,5-hour interactive experience, that portrays more than 150 years of history and children's everyday life 🧑👧. The exposition is stunning and offers plenty of interactive activities for kids, including scary stories, trying out costumes with surprise mirrors, puzzles, quizzes and more. This activity is available every day. It is not free and one has to pre-book the time.


Performing Arts Museum

The Museum of Performing Arts is a great destination for families with kids, even the youngest ones.

This museum is highly interactive and stimulating for the senses of 👀sight, 👂sound and 👋touch. Children (and adults 😉) can 💃dress up, watch mini-performances, 🖍draw, try different musical instruments🥁🎹 and even make a performance themselves. The latter part is where kids can play and enjoy themselves as well as demonstrate their acting skills and creativity.


Lill-Skansen <- Skansen


Lill-Skansen is a small indoor zoo and play area in Skansen outdoor museum. There are some small animals&insect live, for example, 🐇 rabbits, 🐀 rats, 🦜 parrots, etc. This area also has an interactive part, where kids can learn and play.


National Museum

National Museum hosts Villa Curiosa (formally it is for kids 6-11 years old, but it seems children as little as 3 can already enjoy this experience) on the Ground Floor.


Museum of East-Asian Antiquities

Museum of East-Asian Antiquities has a Dragon Workshop (probably suited for children from 4-5 years old), where kids can play with an "allegedly" real-life size Dragon and do some arts and crafts as well.


Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum has a playground Blubb (for kids 0-6 years old) on the -1 floor (just next to the Nursing room, changing tables, bathrooms and the stroller parking).

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centres are great places to spend at least half a day if you are free. The best times are working days when the majority of the kids are at schools or preschools (for example, it could be the perfect destination if your kid's preschool is closed for a full day of training or you are on parental leave and your oldest attends preschool only 4 days a week). Weekends tend to be overcrowded and kids might not have as much fun.

Also, a couple of words about the food, note that there is a very limited selection of healthy foods available in these venues 🍟🍔🍕🌭. However, at least YOUMP and Leo's Lekland (I have not had a chance to visit JumpYard and Kaatch Lekland) have microwaves and you can bring your food for babies, but picnics, in general, are not allowed.

📅 It is best to pre-book your visit, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, as usually, these venues are far from the city centre.

Leo's Lekland

SOURCE: IG @leoslekland

Leo's Lekland is a chain of indoor entertainment centres. It is a huge indoor playground for kids of different ages. There is a small section for the smallest ones (babies who just started to crawl, for example). But the main area is more older kids (2-3+) for climbing, sledging, jumping and having lots of fun.

Strollers can be stored in the dressing room or taken inside the facility. There is a cafe with fast food options (I must say, the food quality can be improved significantly). Changing tables are in the bathrooms.



YOUMP is a sports and entertainment chain that has 11 facilities all over Sweden🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️.

This family-friendly venue can be fun for children of all ages, although the most fun might start from 3 years old. It has DodgeBall; FreeJump; ValoJump; SlackLine; BigAirBag; HighPerformance, Ninjabana, Parkouryta and 3 Party rooms (+ 1 VIP room with Xbox and Table Football).

Read more about this space in Stroll In Review.




JumpYard, similarly to YOUMP, is a chain of entertainment centres, jumping heaven, but with more advanced options available.

Apart from multiple trampoline options, this entertainment centre also offers Parkour, climbing and more. It is suitable for children from 4 years old. Children 4-5 years old should always be in the presence of the responsible parent, and it is advised to come at the least popular times. Children 6-10 can be in the park by themselves with the recommendation of the parent being present. Children 11 + can be by themselves, but child safety is still the parent's responsibility (of course 😊).


Kaatach Lekland

Kaatach Lekland is an entertainment centre (that has both indoor and outdoor playground areas), located in Tyresö. The indoor playground is built like a mini city, with its own police station, cafe, bank, fire station, etc. The main attraction is probably the possibility of getting a "driving licence" and 🚗driving inside the mini city with working traffic lights (recommended from 5 yo). There are also trampolines, slides and other fun activities.


This concludes Part 2 of the Best Indoor Playgrounds in Stockholm: Paid Indoor Playgrounds.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

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