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Spend great time with your children without spending your money.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Good memories are not always created with a lot of spending involved. You can have a great time with your children without any spending at all. Here are some ideas for free entertainment with your children.


Medieval Museum

Visiting a museum as a family is a great way to connect and explore together. Luckily, there are a lot of museums with free entrance in Stockholm. Some of them have pick-nick areas with microwaves and high chairs, so you can pack your lunch instead of buying one.

Check out the Free-entrance museums in Stockholm in the blog post here.


Rum for Barn, Kutlturhuset

My childhood libraries were very modest, so no surprise I was in awe when I discovered child spaces in the Stockholm libraries. Many libraries have children's books not only in Swedish (although, naturally, these are presented in the majority) but in other languages too.

As long as my child does not know how to read, she can enjoy a book in any language, be it English, Japanese, or Arabic - the story I can invent yourself 😉

Here are some of the Stockholm libraries that you can visit with your children:

stay tuned for more to come.

Open pre-school

This lifesaver for new parents - Open pre-school (Öppen förskola) - is a place where you can come with your child (usually 0-5 years) and play on your own or engage in certain group activities (for example, Singing time or Swedish language for parents or some creative activities like painting or crafting).

If the open preschool has a playground - this is a great sign. Most likely during the weekdays (9:00 - 17:00) some outdoor toys (bicycles, sandbox toys, balls, etc.) are taken out and children can play.

I can recommend a few locations, but more reviews to come:

Read more about Open preschools, Parklek and other places in the blog post: Lekplats, Parklek, Plaskdamm & Öppen förskola - what are all these words?


Playgrounds in Stockholm come in all forms and sizes. They are almost everywhere, especially in residential areas. Some playgrounds have BBQ areas and small swimming pools that are open in summer. Probably the best overview of the playgrounds can be found on the app PlayWay or StockholmStad website

That is all that I had in mind. Do you know some other great places to visit without having to pay? Share in the comments below!

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