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Lida friluftsgård

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Lida outdoor park is a facility for outdoor activities owned by the local municipality (Botkyrka).

Children's trails. Source:

This park is truly for everyone and is to be enjoyed every season, be it summer (MTB, hiking, accropark, etc) or winter (skiing, sledding, etc). It is filled with activities for almost every taste. You can check more on their website. In this review, I try to concentrate on child-friendly activities as the website is quite comprehensive.

Overall the entrance to the park is free and one can get there by bicycle, car (there is a big parking area), or by bus (First, by the Commuter train to Tullinge and then bus 721/721x until Lida - these buses are quite rare so it requires good planning ahead).

Usage of the beach and hiking/biking trails are free. But there are paid activities, such as mini-golf, accropark, equipment rental, or a small cabin rental. You do need to buy the wood for the BBQ as well. There are also outdoor (free) and indoor gyms (paid).

The Park has plenty of small adorable rabbits (I counted at least 8).

Mini-golf is just next to the main building and the visitors can buy the pass and get the necessary equipment inside. The clubs are of two sizes: for adults and kids. I could not see any time limit on the rental of the equipment.

The highlight of the Lida park is, of course, its rich nature and the hiking trails available to visitors (hiking or skiing). There are a number of hiking tracks and discovery trails available for both adults and children. The latter ones are well marked and mostly go inside the forest through the narrow, sometimes, a stony path so one cannot really bring the stroller on these trails. However, there is a track that is stroller/handicap wheel wheelchair friendly.

There are two tracks for the mountain bike available as well. Visitors can rent a mountain bike if necessary.

Those who like to spend time on the beach or swim, or do water activities will not be disappointed either. There is a medium-sized sand beach area, including swimming lanes. There is also a dog beach area 🐕.

Visitors can rent different types of equipment for water activities: SUP, kayak, canoe, etc.

Accropark - adventures on the trees. Great way to challenge oneself's courage and agility. Luckily, the setup looks secure and the equipment provided is as well. Compared to what I have seen in France, this accropark used two safety cables instead of one. One cable is always attached to the main cable.

There are several levels of difficulty, starting from children's trails (height requirement from 100 cm (accompanied by adults)) and also green/green plus, blue/blue plus, red/red plus, and zipline. The best is to prebook the activity in advance. A single ticket allows you to have 2 hours of access to the accropark trail, all necessary equipment included.

Visitors can also rent a little wooden house: a wild cabin (with just a wooden bench inside) or a little more advanced cabin (4 beds, little table, 4 small chairs, small fridge, kettle, 4 mugs, 24/7 access to the bathroom/shower facility in the gym in front).

Those who wish to rent the cabin with beds can rent the bedsheets and towels as well. Breakfast can be pre-ordered (that includes a selection of yogurt, muesli, bread, a selection to make a sandwich, coffee, tea, and juice).

It was probably due to the fact that we rented the "stuga" during the summer months, we did not have a lot of information provided to us beforehand regarding the setup. I never got a response on what was actually included in the breakfast, until I saw it myself) and the person on the phone could not tell us what was actually inside the stuga in terms of utensils, plates etc. We took plates, and utensils with us and made the right choice since only mugs were available. Since the bathroom belongs to the gym, there is no shampoo or shower gel. One has to take it with.

There are plenty of areas where the visitors can make their own BBQ/grill. Breakfast has to be pre-ordered and dinner you have to cook yourself (premade or on the BBQ). Lunch can be ordered from the local restaurant.

I found 2 changing tables: one in the handicapped toilet in the restaurant and the other one in the handicapped toilet in the Rest cabin "Naturport". The latter also has an indoor picnic area and microwaves.

Have you been to Lida? How did you like it? Share in the comments below!

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