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Stockholm Toy Museum

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

What can be better than The Stockholm Toy Museum to start reviewing the child-friendly venues in Stockholm?

Did you know that Skeppsholmen island has (used to be a secret) underground tunnels that were used for military in the past? Nowadays, part of the tunnel networks is a home for almost 35000 objects, be it toys or comic books - the Toy Museum.

This museum invites you to observe the history of the toys and offers some interactive games on the way, like horse riding or role-playing in Bamse's little kitchen.

This museum is suitable for children starting from 1 year old, but it will entertain visitors of all ages.

There is a café inside the museum where the visitors can take their Fika, light lunch, or even play some board games.

The Toy Museum has a stroller parking area, lockers, and bathrooms. One of the bathrooms has a changing table and even little potties.

There are no stairs in the Museum, so families with strollers or wheelchairs can easily get around.

🕰 Opening Hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday: closed.

  • Wednesday-Sunday: 10:00-17:00.

💰 Admission:

  • Adult: 140 SEK

  • Senior: 110 SEK

  • Student 90 SEK

  • Children 4-18 years: 90 SEK

Free entrance for children 0-3 years old

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