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Family-friendly restaurants and cafes in Stockholm

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

How to define a family-friendly restaurant? I guess each family has their own definition depending on the age of the children and personal preferences. In this dynamic list, I have gathered restaurants that have certain amenities for kids, mainly kids' menus and toys, but other things that might be beneficial as well.

Why is it dynamic? It will get updated by me or whenever a reader decides to contribute in the comments below. Let's help each other to find good restaurants and cafes to go to with our kids.

There are only two cafes I found in Stockholm that offer "Play Corner":

Dalagatan Espresso House

Coffee Shop in Vasastan.

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Play area,

  • High chairs,

  • Indoor stroller parking

  • Microwave in easy access

  • Bathroom with a changing table.


☕ The Park Cafe

Coffee Shop in Sodermalm.

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Play area (kids' table with pencils and paper to draw)

  • High Chairs

  • The bathroom with a changing table (located behind the co-working space entrance area, so better to ask personnel for assistance)


Now let's check the restaurants:


💰💰 Hamburger restaurant chain with 11 restaurants in Stockholm.

Why is it child friendly:

  • Kids' Menu

  • Pen & Paper to draw on


🍕 Delibruket flatbread

💰💰 The Neopolitan pizza restaurant is located in the former Water Tower in Syndyberg.

Why is it child-friendly?

  • Paper & pencils,

  • Board games

  • Kids' Menu

  • Changing table in the bathroom,

  • High chairs

  • Elevator

(Photos source)


🍕 Meno Male

💰💰 The Neopolitan pizza restaurant chain with 5 locations in Stockholm.

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Super friendly personnel

  • Paper & pencils

  • Some toys


🍕 Stella's Pizza

💰 Pizza restaurant in Sundbyberg

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Free pizza for kids dining in

  • Wooden pizza toys

  • Paper & pencils


🇸🇪 Långbro Värdshus

💰💰 Swedish cuisine restaurant in Älvsjö

Why is it child-friendly:


🇸🇪 Lux Dag för Dag

💰💰💰 Swedish cuisine restaurant in Lilla Essingen

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Toys

  • High Chairs

  • Changing table



💰💰 Asian Fusion restaurant in central Stockholm

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Friendly personnel

  • Kids menu (kid bento box is a favourite of one of the Stroll In Instagram followers, who contributed this restaurant to the list 🙏 )

  • Pencils & Paper to draw on


🥩 AG Restaurant

💰💰💰 Meat restaurant in Kungsholmen

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Offers kids' menu:

Hot dog w. French fries (95 SEK)

Steak w. bearnaise & French fries (155 SEK)

Meatballs w. lingon berries (95 SEK)

Hamburger w. tomato, salad & French fries (95 SEK)

Includes a scoop of ice cream after the food is eaten up.

  • Has 3 high chairs

  • Changing table (in the bathroom opposite the wardrobe)

  • Elevator

  • Pencils and paper to draw on


🥩 Sovel kött & grill

💰💰 Spacious Restaurant in Sickla.

Why is it child-friendly:

  • Big selection of toys

  • Kids Menu

  • High chairs

  • Changing table

  • Spacious restaurant


Another notable category of restaurants is the restaurants located inside the Museums.

Most of the restaurants in the Museums are family-friendly, meaning they have kids' me