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Are you looking to enhance the visibility of your business among families with children aged 0-18?

Capture the attention of your target audience by advertising with Stroll In and achieve your marketing goals!

Sweden alone boasts a staggering 1,5 mln households with one or more children. Did you know that families with children tend to be Loyalists? Due to their busy schedules, they often seek out venues that cater to their specific needs and preferences and remain dedicated to them.

Would you like to tap into this loyal customer base and expand your clientele? Stroll In is here to assist you in effectively reaching parents and children throughout Stockholm. Our platform offers flexible advertisement solutions tailored to your business requirements.


Among other solutions, we offer:

  • Inclusion of your courses for children in our comprehensive online catalogue

  • Showcasing your events on our family-friendly calendar of activities


To get started, simply reach out to us via email at or click the button below. Let Stroll In guide parents through the vibrant world of Stockholm with their kids, while providing your business with increased visibility and exposure.

Don't miss out on the chance to gain more loyal customers. Advertise with Stroll In today and unlock the potential of connecting with families and children!

When a customer is loyal to a brand


will recommend a company to friends and family


are likely to write a positive online review after a good experience


will remain loyal even after a bad experience

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