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Mini-cities for big adventures: playgrounds in Stockholm

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

I just love these cute playgrounds for perfect pretend play: bakeries, garages, shops, ice cream or hot dog shops - perfect mini-cities for letting children's imagination be free.

Let's check some of the most fun mini-city playgrounds in Stockholm


In the playground, Långsjöparken, the settlers and entrepreneurs who shaped Stuvsta, Snättringe and Huddinge are celebrated. It is a mini-city playground that offers a bakery, garage, and more in its charming mini-city playground. There are also grass areas and a smaller football field


Mulle Meck Lekpark

Mulle Meck is a playground designed like a mini city, with slides and a sandbox. Let your little ones unleash their imaginations as they embark on thrilling adventures in this exciting urban landscape. Here is also the popular summer library and a cafe (with the same opening hours as the library).


Anders Franzens Park

Anders Franzens playground is built like a small harbour town and consists of, among other things, a shipyard in miniature format, a workshop with machines, a carpentry shop and a tug boat.

There are also swings and a smaller skate park for street skating.


Ivar Los Park

In the Ivas Los park, there are dwelling houses, flour houses and a barn that you can step into. In addition, there are several wooden animals that the children can ride on.

The playground has a smaller artificial grass mat, an exciting tree that can be crawled into, a barbecue area and seating areas.

But what both kids and adults will enjoy the most? Breathtaking view of Stockholm!


Krubbans Lekplats

The Krubban Playground features a 17th-century ore yard, mill, riding stable, roper's building, and gas station. The playground offers period gables, climbing frames, slides, play buses, playhouses, sandboxes, and a carousel.




The playground consists of small hand-built wooden houses that have been carefully placed between old fruit trees, lilac bushes and other vegetation.

There is a workshop, forge and factory building as well as stables. The wagon maker's house and a period residential building have also been built. Several of the buildings can be entered and played in, while some are staged houses. In the workshop and forge, the children can make use of period tools.

The play park also includes swings, a sandbox, a seesaw, a wooden maze and a large wooden horse with a carriage, all built by hand.

Image by Gunnar R Johansson

Unfortunately, I have not been at this playground, please let me know how is it in the comments below!


Lekplatsen Tuppen

Lekplatsen Tuppen

Lekplatsen Tuppen was recently built near the Åkersberga station (in 2022). It is a playground surrounded by a fence that has small playhouses, sandbox and swings.


Pelle Svanslösparken

In the playground "Pelle Svanslös värld" in Engelska Parken (Carolinaparken) children can explore various attractions, including Pelle's basement, Mån's shed, Gammel-Maja's cathedral tower, and Tusse Batong's office and pastry shop. The park offers swings, bicycle carousels, fish raffles, a school, barn, rooftops, and an old-fashioned bus to Skogstibble.


Do you know other playgrounds that look like mini-cities?

Do not hesitate to comment below!


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