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Lekplats, Parklek, Plaskdamm & Öppen förskola - what are these?

Updated: Jan 19


Did you know that Lekplats, Parklek and Öppen förskola are three different concepts? Did you know that you can also go to play with your children in the church?

Learn more in this post!

Recently I met wonderful Nadja from Blecktornsparken Öppen förskola. We had a very informative conversation and here are the takeaways that I want to share with you:


Aspuddsparkens lekpark

Lekplats is a playground where children can play with you or on their own (with your surveillance, of course). Lekplats usually have swings, slides, sandboxes, and other fun stuff. There also might be some sand toys that were left by other parents. Some playgrounds have BBQ areas and picnic tables. A great app to check Playgrounds is Playway.



Öppen förskola