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Top 10 Summer Activities in Stockholm with Kids: Explore the Fun-Filled Capital

Are you ready for a summer adventure with your little ones in Stockholm? The city comes alive during the sunny months, offering a wide array of family-friendly activities that will keep everyone entertained. From outdoor play areas to cultural experiences, Stroll In curated the top 10 activities in Stockholm to ensure a memorable summer for you and your kids.

1. Skansen Open Air Museum

Skansen in Summer: horse carriage

Step back in time at Skansen, a remarkable open-air museum. Discover traditional Swedish homes, encounter native wildlife, and enjoy captivating cultural performances that transport you to a bygone era.

2. Splash Ponds

Plaskdamm - Splash pond in Parklek

Cool off at Stockholm's splash ponds, where children can splash, play, and have a blast. Splash Pond or Plaskdamm – a small swimming pool with a depth of around 20 cm where kids can play around during the summertime (usually June 1st – August 31st). These splash ponds are usually cleaned once a week and water quality is checked on a daily basis. Splash ponds are usually near Lekplats or Parklek. For example: Arkens plaskdamm; Aspuddsparkens plaskdamm; Flamingoparken; Gustav Adolfsparkens plaskdamm; Lugnets plaskdamm; Motalaparkens plaskdamm; Plaskdamm i Högalidsparken; Plaskdamm i Lilla Blecktornsparken; Rålambshovsparkens plaskdamm; Sannadalsparkens plaskdamm; Svandammsparkens plaskdamm; Vippans plaskdamm;Vängåvans plaskdamm.

There are some rules for using the splash pond:

• Shower before the bath. An outdoor shower is adjacent to the pond.

• Wear swimwear or a diaper.

• Use clean bath toys and do not throw rubbish into the water.

• Remember that it is not allowed for dogs to swim in the splash pond.

3. Beaches

Langsjobadet beach - bird  eye view

Experience the joy of sun, sand, and water at Stockholm's beautiful beaches. Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet are popular choices, offering safe swimming areas, sandy shores, and picturesque views of the city.

Check the full list of beaches here.

For your safety, you can always check the quality of the water here.

4. 4H Farm with Outdoor Animals

Eolshäll 4H gård - farm view

Head to a 4H farm and let your kids interact with adorable farm animals. Eolshäll's 4H farm is a great choice, where children can meet friendly horses, cows, goats, hens, rabbits and cats while learning about farm life. Read more about Parks with animals here.

5. Playgrounds

Stockholm is dotted with fantastic playgrounds, providing endless entertainment for kids. Let them climb, swing, and slide to their heart's content at playgrounds such as:

  • Stora Blecktornsparken

  • Rålambshovsparkens parklek

  • Långsjöparken

  • Mulle Meck Parken

  • Aspudden Parklek

  • Bjorn Trädgård Parken

  • Skånegläntan

  • Kristallen Parklek

Read more about Parklek here

6. Archipelago Boat Trip

Embark on an archipelago boat trip and explore Stockholm's stunning islands. Enjoy the scenic views, go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters, and let your kids marvel at the picturesque surroundings.

7. Viking for a Day at Historiska Museet

Viking for a day activity - two children dressed as vikings

Immerse yourselves in Viking history at Historiska Museet and join the "Viking for a Day" activity. Dress up in Viking costumes, participate in interactive workshops, and learn about the fascinating world of the Norse warriors. Check details of his activity here.

8. Haga Parken and Haga Ocean Butterfly House

Haga Ocean Butterfly House - butterflies eating orange

Visit Haga Parken and discover its enchanting Haga Ocean Butterfly House and Aquarium. Explore the tropical oasis filled with colourful butterflies and marvel at marine life in the aquarium, providing an educational and magical experience.

9. Outdoor Play Area at Museiparken

Google Map - satellite view showing playgrounds in the Museiparken

Let your kids run wild at Museiparken, an outdoor play area presented by three museums, nestled amidst green surroundings. Test your physical skills, pretend to play police, discover sounds and climbing structures- this playground "family" offers endless fun.

10. Picnic at Royal Djurgården

Blå Porten

Savour a delightful picnic in the heart of Stockholm at Djurgården. Enjoy the beautiful flower displays, relax on the grass, and let the kids roam freely.

Stockholm truly is a child-friendly city, where almost every aspect of the city caters to the needs of families. From cafes and restaurants to museums and attractions, you'll find that they are all adapted to accommodate children with stroller-friendly environments, convenient changing tables, high chairs, and breastfeeding-friendly spaces. This means you can explore the city with ease, knowing that your little ones will be well taken care of wherever you go.

To make the most of your family adventures in Stockholm - download the Stroll In App. With the app, you'll have access to a wealth of information about even more child-friendly venues in Stockholm. Discover hidden gems, find the best playgrounds, and uncover exciting activities that will keep your kids entertained throughout your summer journey.

So, pack your bags, gather your family, and embark on an unforgettable summer in Stockholm. From the captivating Skansen Open Air Museum to the refreshing splash ponds and beautiful beaches, there's no shortage of amazing experiences awaiting you. Enjoy the child-friendly amenities, immerse yourself in the rich culture, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

We hope this list of top 10 activities inspires you to explore the best of what Stockholm has to offer during the summer months!

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