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Best outdoor playgrounds in Stockholm

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Mamma Mu: Det viktigaste är i alla fall att barnen får leka.

Inspired by Mamma Mu recent IG post: "The most important is to let children play" - here is the list of the outdoor playgrounds compiled together with @strollinab IG community.

Whether you're looking for free options or a paid adventure, Stockholm has something for everyone! So, gather your little ones and get ready for unforgettable family moments in the great outdoors.

Let's start with the outdoor playgrounds that are free.

Free Outdoor Playgrounds in Stockholm:

Parkleks are a perfect place to go and play outdoors and they are always free. Read more about Parkleks here.

Stora Blecktornsparken

Stora Blecktornsparken offers an expansive playground with swings, slides of different sizes, a zip line, and a climbing net. What sets this Parklek apart is its smart separation of play areas based on activities, ensuring endless fun for everyone. And guess what? It even has adorable animals like pigs and rabbits, making it a delightful experience for the whole family. Don't forget to check out the BBQ area for a perfect picnic!

📍 Katarina Bangata 78, 116 42 Stockholm


Rålis parklek - located in Rålambshovsparken, this Parklek is a hub of excitement. Kids can enjoy thrilling slides, a splash pond, and an array of imaginative play areas, including a bakery, garage, and even a "spooky forest." Just be cautious near the small football field, as those little kickers mean business!

📍 Smedsuddsvägen 6, 112 35 Stockholm

Aspudden Park

Similar to Stora Blecktornsparken, Aspuddsparken has a variety of animals like sheep, goats, horses, and rabbits. If your little ones dream of pony riding, make sure to book in advance. Safety is paramount here, with a fenced-off play area exclusively for the youngest children, giving parents peace of mind. And don't forget to explore the splash pond and play areas tailored to different age groups.

📍 Blommenbergsvägen Hövdingagatan, 126 52 Hägersten

Parkleken Björns trädgård

Parkleken Björns trädgård offers a nice playground with climbing structures, swings and slides. It also has a skateboard park and a tiny football field. Thanks to its location in Medborgarplatsen you can conveniently access Transtromer library (more about the library here) and some child-friendly restaurants, like Pizza Hut.

📍 Götgatan 45, 116 21 Stockholm

Parkleken Kristallen

Parkleken Kristallen is a true gem among playgrounds, catering to both young and older children. With climbing structures, slides, swings, sandboxes, and even a zipline, the excitement never ends. Plus, the presence of rabbits and chickens adds an extra touch of wonder. Don't forget to cool off in the plaskdamm (splash pond) during those warm summer days.

📍 Sulvägen 20a, 126 40 Hägersten

Stockholm is so rich with playgrounds, almost everywhere you can find an area dedicated to children's play. Among those that are considered one of the best:

Mulle Meck playground

Mulle Meck Lekpark is a playground designed like a mini city, complete with slides and a sandbox. Let your little ones unleash their imaginations as they embark on thrilling adventures in this exciting urban landscape.

📍 Mönstringsvägen 9, 170 69 Solna


Långsjöparken is another mini-city playground that offers a bakery, garage, and more in its charming mini-city playground.

📍 Stambanevägen 108, 141 39 Huddinge

Outdoor playgrounds in Museiparken

Playgrounds in the Museiparken are external parts of the Museums - Riksidrotsmuseum, Polisemuseum and Tekniska Museet. All three outdoor areas are free to play in and offer entertainment for all ages. Bonus - Sports museum has a free entrance.

📍 115 27 Stockholm

4H-gård is a perfect place to spend time outdoors with your little ones and introduce them to delightful animals like rabbits, cows, sheep, and horses. Let your children create lifelong memories while connecting with nature and making furry friends. Read more about 4H-gårds here.

Paid Outdoor Playgrounds in Stockholm

Kaatach Lekland

Kaatach Lekland: A Miniature City of Thrills. Kaatach Lekland, located in Tyresö, is an entertainment centre offering both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. The indoor section resembles a mini city, complete with a police station, cafe, and fire station. And who can resist the excitement of driving within the mini city with working traffic lights? Trampolines, slides, and other thrilling activities await! The outdoor playground features large trampolines, swings, a climbing castle, and even a talking outdoor room that promises a gas-filled adventure. Pirate play awaits at Kaatach Harbour with its perfect pirate ships. With year-round access to the outdoor play area and fairground attractions (Little Free Fall, the Carousel, the Larven roller coaster, the Helicopter, Kaatach Air and our little train that departs for Grönköping) from May to September, it's an experience like no other!

📍 Energivägen 2B Busshållplats: Petterboda, 135 49 Tyresö

The Moomin playground

Junibacken: A Wonderland of Swedish Children's Literature. Situated in Djurgården, Junibacken is a playground and museum combined. This magical place is dedicated to children and families, offering interactive exhibits, dress-up opportunities, and a chance to explore beloved characters from Swedish children's literature. Recently renovated outdoor playground - The Moomin playground - includes a slide, sandbox and beautiful mini houses!

📍 Galärvarvsvägen 8, 115 21 Stockholm

Tom Tits: Where Science Meets Fun. Tom Tits is a child-friendly museum attraction where learning about science becomes an interactive adventure. Explore the extensive outdoor area filled with science experiments that are both educational and entertaining. From water experiments to music orchestras, stomach-churning rides to balancing acts, there's something for everyone. And keep an eye out for the giant insects scattered throughout the park! The temporary exhibition from June to October is a must-visit. Prepare for a day of discovery, excitement, and scientific wonders.

📍 Storgatan 33, 151 36 Södertälje


Lådbilslandet: The Ultimate Driving Experience. At Lådbilslandet, kids can drive real cars with engines on paved roads in a miniature city complete with bridges, roundabouts, and road crossings. From normal cars to buses, police cars to lorries with trailers, your little drivers can choose their favourite vehicles. Additionally, enjoy the small amusement park, complete with playgrounds and obstacle courses. Take a ride on the mini-train or hop on a raft for a scenic trip across the dam. Lådbilslandet is open from June 26th to August 13th and is perfect for children aged 3 to 9.

📍 Södertäljevägen, nedre bruket, 155 32 Nykvarn


Now that you have an exciting list of outdoor playgrounds, it's time to embark on unforgettable adventures with your family. Get out there, explore Stockholm, and create lasting memories together. If you know of any other fantastic playgrounds, share them in the comments below!

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